Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is currently in the works --it will be painted soon. When these pictures were taken, some details had not been added yet. Any guesses as to what it is?? or what it's from????  I had started it for a certain model and am having to use it for something else-----------more on that to follow! I'll build more when I go back to the first version of the project. Any guesses??? Eric---you can't guess because you already know all about it!

This car is about one inch in length --the red-handkerchief man is 1/8th inch scale! The wheels
should really be centered closer, but for the use of this model --on a larger model that won't matter. When I make another set I will correct this.

So anyone know what this is??


  1. If you paint it Black its the 1955 to 1960 Rainbow Caverns Mine Train. (1957 "D" ticket link)

    If you paint it Yellow its the 1960 to 1976 Mine Train thru Natures Wonderland. (1962 "E" ticket link)

    NICE WORK!!!! What color are you going to paint it?

  2. Very nice! I'm working on a Nature's Wonderland model myself so I recognized the train immediately. What scale is it? Curious to see what it is for...

  3. Thanks Sam!-liked your animated "Balancing Rock Canyon". This model is 1/8th scale, the gauge is HoN30 --when I start rebuilding the ones for Cascade Peak, I'll correct the gauge.....would really be HOn2 1/2, track (or n gauge). For the use of the train seen here, it wasn't important that the gauge be exact -since it won't be the focus of the model --just a detail used in a much larger concept model --I'll post a series of that project soon.

  4. All I can say is WOW! I've wanted to do my own park, but have always gotten frustrated with the scale of the train vs. the space I have to work/display. Your work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.